Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Finds

Even though we would all like to believe it's almost spring here in New York, New Jersey or any part of the North East for that matter, we still have a few more months to go of this bitter cold. I have been continuously shopping for spring clothes but i have found some amazing sales on winter wear that may spark an interest in your closets for the remainder of the winter - and for those to come in future years. I've been really into the deep red/maroon color this season and i'm finding all sorts of clothing are now being made in it (even those pants come in "rum raisin")! Also, pairing it with a light pink lip and nail really makes it feminine and adds pop to your pretty face! Check out what else i'm into below, hope you like it! 

1 Sweater // 2 Shoes // 3 Sunglasses // 4 Nail Polish // 5 Coat //
 6 Tanktop // 7 Pants // 8 Lipstick // 9 Bag

To round up the week, below are also some noticeable sales that are worth checking out (40-50% off!!!): 

Love always, 
Queen Lee

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Leather or not

A friend of mine asked me to help her find a cool, vintage-ish looking leather backpack for her to wear once in awhile to school. (My friends name is Carly and she goes to graduate school at Columbia, smarty-pants).  This is something i have become very, very good at - finding pretty much anything you want online if you just give me a few key words. Knowing Carly's style already, i had an idea of what she was looking for. Seeing as though she wasn't sure if she would love using said leather backpack, she wanted to spend less than $70 and if she absolutely adored it, she might splurge again and buy something more expensive. Through my research, i found some really cool pieces that i wanted to share with you.

1 Dark Tan // 2 White // 3 Vintage // 4 Camel // 5 Deep Green // 
6 Black // 7 Red, old (similar) // 8 Light & Dark Tan

Carly ended up purchasing #1. I'll update this post on how it works out for her when i get her review!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Work…to play!

What's better than getting dressed for work in the morning knowing you have plans to go out right afterwards? What can be better, is finding the perfect outfit to wear in just a simple change of shoes and bag option. Here we have Kendall, a fabulously sassy friend of mine who is off to work for the day in a knee length leopard print Michael Michael Kors dress and black conservative Jimmy Choo pumps. Knowing she has plans to meet a special someone (or maybe not so special) after work, she brings an extra set of shoes to change into and a smaller, more convenient bag along. Making her life that much easier, she's off to her date right from work to begin her weekend the right way. She changes into her burgundy YSL tributes, which are by far the most comfortable shoes on the planet, lets her hair loose and away she goes. 

Work it, girl. 

1 Dress (similar) // 2 Pumps // 3 Saint Laurent Tributes 4 // 
5 Bag // 6 Earrings (similar) // 7 Cartier watch (similar) // 8 Trench coat // Mascara & Lip Stick

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Who am i?

Leah Steinhauser, formally Wasserman, a Jersey girl, born and raised. I have always had a passion for fashion, beauty and most importantly, getting a great deal when it comes down to it. Shopping always came naturally to me but I’ve since developed a whole new kind of love for the digital market. Going through school, i followed so many bloggers and read so many articles about the world of social media and its connection with the fashion industry. With my love of fashion and shopping, i wanted to make my dream a reality which is where you find me blogging here today. However, no matter where technology and this blog may take me, my heart will always lie on the corner of 5th Avenue and 57th street. 

Here are a few pictures from the last year:

1 Sweatshirt (Prabal Gurung for Target) // 2 Leggings // 3 Boots
4 My Shirt (Similar)// 5 His Shirt, old (similar) // 6 Boots // 7 Leggings // 8 Sunglasses

These are my sister-in-laws, Christie and Steph, at my bridal shower.

 On the beach in Kauai for our Honeymoon                    Pumpkin picking!

13 Shirt // 14 Ruby&Jenna Boutique // 15 Sweater, old (similar) // 
16 Vest // 17 Scarf, old (similar) // 18 Sunglasses

This is my husband, Bobby, and me on the beach for our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding. Below are two pictures from our wedding. Such an amazing weekend.

BTW, you'll see me wearing Alexis A LOT. I tend to really drift towards this up and coming designer!
19 His Shirt // 20 His Pants // 21 His Belt // 22 Dress (in black) // 23 Belt // 24 Lipstick

 25 Saint Laurent Tuxedo // 26 Tuxedo Shirt // 27 His Shoes // 
28 Vera Wang Dress // 29 Shoes // 28 Lipstick 

OH! And this is our little man (he's actually really big), Bentley. My pride and joy. Look at that face!

Hope you liked my flashback pictures; i'm sure there will be more to come soon. Keep checking back for more posts as i will be updating much more frequently! :)