Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mother's Day

I know Mother's Day was awhile ago but i just realized i never posted about it! How could i forget?! Obviously my mommy is the greatest woman in the world. Without her, i'm not sure where i would be today. I know one thing is for sure, i absolutely got her sense of fashion. She always puts herself together perfectly and has amazing taste. The things i find in her closet are unreal. As trends come and go, my mom always stuck true to herself which i totally admire. I'm finally old enough to appreciate every little thing she has done for me and continues to do today. For Mother's Day, we went to Jean Georges' Nougatine with my two cousins and my mom's fiancé(!!!). It was such a beautiful day out, just perfect for Mother's Day as we sat and looked over Central Park. It was a wonderful brunch celebrating the best mom in the whole world! Hope you enjoyed your day Mom, now back to kid's day for another 364 days!

 on our bag game... ;)

 My pretty Mommy!

1 dress // 2 blazer (similar here) // 3 shoes // 
4 sunglasses(mine)& sunglasses(moms) // 5 bag (similar here)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cool Summer Nights

I really love summer nights when you can wear shorts and a sweatshirt... or in my case, shorts and a button down. I was really indecisive with my outfit choice on Saturday night but decided to go with something comfortable with a cute pattern. I absolutely love this Equipment shirt and am SO happy i bought it. The material is perfect and i can wear it winter or summer. Enjoy, loves.


1 blouse (similar here) // 2 bodysuit // 3 shorts // 4 shoes (similar here) // 5 watch // 6 bag (similar here)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wedding Season - Alyssa & Dave

Two of my closets friends from college finally got married. They are so perfect for each other, as we all knew from college, and their wedding really represented who they are as a couple. My husband was a groomsmen in the wedding and had a total blast. It was so fun to hang out with friends from college for the first time in awhile, we definitely had a good time. I am beyond happy for the two of them and can't wait to to see what's in store for the future. Here are some of my pictures from the wedding... via iPhone!

Clearly, the bride and groom had a fabulous time and that's what is important. Love love love!

1 my dress // 2 my shoes 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Currently Craving

There are so many cute staples out there for summer time right now, it's hard to pick just a few. However, i've been on this navy kick lately and i just want to be wearing it all the time. Maybe because it's the black for summer? At least in my eyes it is! Here's just a couple things i stumbled upon that i would love to have in my wardrobe! 

1 bag // 2 sweatshirt & shorts // 3 swimsuit // 4 book //
 5 sunglasses // 6 nail polish // 7 wedges // 8 hat // 9 sandals

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wedding Season: #DREWeekend Part 2 -The Big Day

When i arrived at Drew's house to get ready, she was very calm. I was not so calm on my wedding day as i saw the rain coming in but Drew got a beautiful day! We were all so giddy and excited for what was about to come. I had seen Drew's dress at a fitting but some of the ladies hadn't yet. It was the perfect dress for her. It fit her personality perfectly and she was so happy with her decision. It was a bit of a process before she found the right dress but both her and i ended up buying our dresses from the same woman at Vera Wang (thank you, Anna!). Once Drew stepped into her dress, you could see her eyes light up. She knew this was really happening and she was just so beautiful it was breathtaking.

After the ceremony, Drew and Josh went to take pictures on the beach but once she came back, that's when the real party started. We bustled her dress up (like 65 buttons!) and she was off. I'm pretty sure at one point she said "i love my dress so much, i'm never taking it off". Besides Drew and her dress, everything else was magnificent. The flowers, the band, Josh and Drew as a couple. Their wedding really reflected them as a couple, which Sloane and I decided is the most important thing about a wedding. They impromptu sang songs with the band to each other (they are both singers). It was my favorite part of the whole wedding. Eventually, the wonderful night wound down and Drew and Josh left as husband and wife. Wedding's really do bring out my lovey dovey side, i can be such a sap! Congratulations again, Drew and Josh! 


And i got to see Sloane & Ben!

How adorable are they??