Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mother's Day

I know Mother's Day was awhile ago but i just realized i never posted about it! How could i forget?! Obviously my mommy is the greatest woman in the world. Without her, i'm not sure where i would be today. I know one thing is for sure, i absolutely got her sense of fashion. She always puts herself together perfectly and has amazing taste. The things i find in her closet are unreal. As trends come and go, my mom always stuck true to herself which i totally admire. I'm finally old enough to appreciate every little thing she has done for me and continues to do today. For Mother's Day, we went to Jean Georges' Nougatine with my two cousins and my mom's fiancé(!!!). It was such a beautiful day out, just perfect for Mother's Day as we sat and looked over Central Park. It was a wonderful brunch celebrating the best mom in the whole world! Hope you enjoyed your day Mom, now back to kid's day for another 364 days!

 on our bag game... ;)

 My pretty Mommy!

1 dress // 2 blazer (similar here) // 3 shoes // 
4 sunglasses(mine)& sunglasses(moms) // 5 bag (similar here)

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