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Katie Fong

Katie Fong recently launched her made-to-measure business in 2013 and has already seen great success. Her stunning Fall 2014 collection was recently released and I think my heart skipped a beat as I browsed through her creations. Each and every piece is so detailed and is perfectly crafted. Katie’s sense of style has always been ahead of the trend, and with her new line launching, I asked her some questions so that my readers could get to know her a little better on a professional and personal level.

Katie Fong grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut and later studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology. Since graduation, she has stayed in New York City where each piece from her collection is manufactured. I have had the pleasure of knowing Katie for a few years now and am so honored to have had the chance to speak with her to learn more about her new booming business.

Queen Lee: Where was your first job?
Katie Fong: My first job was at my family’s dry cleaning business in Greenwich- it was where I learned about customer service and clothing care for luxury brands such as Valentino and Chanel.  It most definitely prepared me for all the retail jobs and internships I had later on. Post-college, my first job was a design assistant position at J Crew. It was fun to be a part of such a successful and cutting edge company.

When did you decide you wanted to design your own line, grow your own business?
I have always wanted to design and launch my own business – I just didn’t know it would be so soon! I was once told by a successful designer than everyone designs their best in their 20’s, so when the opportunity came to launch, I left the company I was with at the time to start on my own.

What is it like working for yourself and who would your dream client be?
Running a business is extremely challenging but fulfilling- the best part is that it is my ultimate career dream. It is a complete lifestyle change, but I could not ask for anything better. Luckily, I work with my dream client; she is a feminine with a discerning taste for simply beautiful clothing. Every client I have worked with shares my vision, ultimately making them my dream client.

Who are some of the individuals – on a personal or professional level – that have inspired you?
My grandparents, who were also entrepreneurs, were my first role models. My grandfather is a brilliant business mind, and my grandmother was extremely creative as well as a strong team leader. I grew up living with them, so they influenced me in many different ways.
On a professional level, Oscar de la Renta inspired me the most. I completed a three year apprenticeship with the design team while I was in college, and I loved every minute of it. He had an amazing eye for embroidery and technique, and his dedication to his company was admirable. 

Does your line reflect your own personal style?
Yes! I love luxury lingerie and bridal designs and feel that it should be incorporated into everyday clothing. Though the Collection is late day into evening, a lot of the separates can be worn with jeans, sweaters and flats. My personal style is fairly casual, classic. I love jeans, pumps and a great little statement jacket or silk blouse. Comfort is key for me, as well as for the Collection. Nobody wants to go to a cocktail party or gala and feel like you can’t eat anything!

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I hope to have expanded my business to more parts of the states and hopefully overseas.

Tell us something crazy we don’t know about you!
Even though I am in a world of silks, lace and other girly things… I would take cold beer and wings over any other meal ;)

Below, I styled some pieces from Katie Fong's F/W14 line, each piece in two different ways. One is a bit more classic while the other takes a step outside of the box, or risky, while still staying true to my style. As you will notice, the pieces from Katie Fong are absolutely amazing. They are also available for pre-order right now!!! I know I can’t wait to put in my first order! Tell me what you think and make sure you give Katie Fong some love as well.

 First, we have The Natalie Dress. How amazing are those lace cuffs?! This dress would be perfect for a cocktail party or wedding. Paired with black or patent oxford blood pumps, you really can't go wrong on shoes when wearing a black dress. 

 Next is this phenomenal black Chloe skirt. The midi skirt is definitely an up and coming trend and this skirt can be paired with literally anything and still look great. 

One of my very favorite's, The Zoey Skirt is just perfect. The incredible shape and magnificent design brings the best kind of attention to anyone wearing this skirt. It would be hard not to look great in something like this! I've had this new love of wearing light pink with dark green and something like this Alexander Wang shirt would look amazing worn with the Zoey skirt! 

The Scarlette Dress is just… wow. The lace details gives it such a feminine and sophisticated feel but this dress could be worn at any occasion. I styled it for winter and fall - one of my favorite looks is wearing navy and black together so i would throw on some black tights and pumps. On the other hand, you could easily wear this to a early fall cocktail affair with nude pumps and a pop of color purse!

For my last look, The Lucy Dress totally stuck out to me. The details on the top with the amazing hemline that cuts just right on the leg. Even my husband, who isn't the biggest shopper, absolutely loved this dress! But who wouldn't. Any woman would be so lucky to wear this dress!

Hope you enjoyed my interview with Katie Fong and a special thank you to her and her team. 
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Stay classy and have a fabulous weekend!

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