Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rompin' Around

I love rompers. However, it is not everyday that i can find one that works with my frame. I'm short and curvy so rompers aren't exactly made for my body type. I especially can't wear jumpsuits because i'm way too short(this doesn't prevent me from shopping for them for my tall friends!) Because i fell in love with so many rompers, i kept trying them on; different styles and different cuts to see if there was a certain designer or fabric that maybe worked for me. Finally, i did. I now own 4 rompers that i absolutely LOVE. I've put together a list of some that have worked for me and that are also on my list to buy… already knowing that the style will fit my body type. For all you long legged babes out there, you know you can wear rompers as well as jumpsuits so i didn't forget about you. I also put together some jumpsuits that are just fabulous, even if i can't pull them off!

// 6 Topshop // 7 Topshop // 8 Alexis // 9  Topshop/Nordstrom

Queen Lee

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