Monday, March 17, 2014

Warmer Weather

This week, i'm headed to South Beach - more specifically, Miami, for one of my oldest and best friends bachelorette party. Last year, we went there for mine and had such an amazing time, we made the decision to go back. I've had an extremely hectic last couple weeks with some personal things going on, but i'm back to blogging and bringing my people what they want to read. I actually traveled to Florida this past week - not for a vacation - and had a major problem with my carry-on bag. I have a TSA approved carry-on that is also super cute. I purchased it at Longchamp and since have bought 2 more because they have been so great. I have never had a problem getting through security except this time! I'm sure all you ladies know how even on a three-day weekend, you pack your bags to the max. You always bring WAY more than you need and you never know what kind of adventure you may go on and what outfit you'll need for it. My problem was shoes. I brought like 6 pairs, but to be fair, i didn't know how long i was staying in Palm Beach. I also had to share with my mom so that's another great excuse to bring extras. Well, to continue with my story, they made me put my bag in that little square to make sure it fits and of course it didn't because i packed it to the brim. I wasn't the only one they were doing this do. Every person had to check if their bag fit in that tiny little square and they swore to me that if it didn't fit, it wouldn't fit in the overhead. I pouted and batted my eyes and they let me go with my bag, which fit overhead, but i have learned now that i cannot pack anymore than my bag is intended to fit. If it can't zip easily, it's too much. So, this weekend, i will be packing light so i have no problems. I will plan out all my outfits (maybe one extra, JUST INCASE!) and all my day outfits so i'm sure to pack just the right amount. I figured if i bring one or two versatile pair of shoes and one or two bags i can use to go out AND during the day, it will make my life easier. We should all learn to travel light… it's just so hard when there are so many great things to wear in such little time on a vacation!

Queen Lee

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